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Nov 16

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Making of „Pink Assassin“ von John Strieder. Mit an Board: ZBrush, Cinema 4D und Fryrender….

On this project I used C4D for modeling and scene setup, ZBrush for sculpting and texture painting as well as fryrender for material creation and rendering.
I also used the plug ins “paintonsurface” and “spline­spread” for C4D.
My intention was to create a character with personal­ity, who looks like she had lived, and tell a story just through her face and not through accessories.
For the head and the upper body I used common box modeling (no special techniques here), and did a retopo for the clothes with paintonsurface to get an even mesh of quads.
The zipper has been modeled in a very simple way with primitive nurbs objects. The zipper parts have been placed with the splinespread plug in which allows (be­sides many other functions) to clone objects along rail paths.

The UV maps were also created with very common pelt mapping techniques, selecting seams and unwrap/relax the mesh. For the head I used the ABF, for the Clothes the LSCSM Algorithm. ABF is a good choice for free painting while LSCSM is better when using tileable Tex­tures. The base meshes were exported to ZBrush to give final shape, create details and paint textures.

Mainly I used for sculpting the standard, flatten, clay, smooth and move brush. The flatten and clay brush are very good for rough­ing shapes. What I like on them, is that espe­cially the flatten brush smoothes the mesh inde­pendent of the topology, in opposite to the smooth brush. The move brush is very handy to quickly change the shape of your model. While all this work you should always have photo references in sight. I like to use the freeware program “IrfanView” for viewing pictures. You can set it to “always on top” and place it over the GUI of the program you are currently working in.

The next step was to create the textures for her face.

I used ZBrush polypainting for this. First, I started with the colour map. In my opinion the best brush to start painting skin is the standard brush switched to “Colour Spray” with alpha 07 (from the “Startup Alphas”).
I started with simple colours like strong blue, red and yellow, defining some important areas, for example: red for cheeks and lips, blue under the eyes and on the temples.
Then I reduce the RGB strength and paint everything over with yellow, red and white. It’s a process from exag­geration to subtle, over and over.

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