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Apr 28

Die Chaos Group mit einem vollem Programm rund um VRay und VR auf der FMX 2010… V-Ray Presentations – V-Ray Workshop – Exclusive sessions on V-Ray GPUs rendering solution – F_BOX picture shooter sessions ….

V-Ray Presentations
Weltenbauer Booth , 4th-7th May, 10 am -7 pm
The first public appearance of the upcoming V-Ray RT for Maya and the new fluid dynamics system Phoenix FD
The V-Ray team is at the FMX again to present the latest on our developments to its community. Join us at our partner’s booth and flavor your FMX experience with the Real Time Rendering Technology now on hand for all Autodesk® Maya® followers. Stir up your imagination and get ready for the ultimate explosion: Phoenix FD, the new fluid dynamic system powered by Chaos Group. Phoenix Fluid Dynamics is a new development, which perfectly combines a grid base simulator with an outrageous rendering. Besides the usual uniform fluid behavior, it simulates some additional processes like pressure decay, thermal radiation cooling and mass-temperature dependence.

V-Ray Workshop
Reutlingen Room, 5th May (Wednesday), 2 -3 pm
V-Ray pipelines: Post-production, Stereoscopy, GPUs and beyond.
This presentation will focus on final results achieved from the combination of the fast V-Ray rendering engine with high quality post-production tools to create solid pipelines for the realization of stereoscopic images and more. GPUs are becoming preferred solutions for lots of production studios. We are about to demonstrate the development jump of V-Ray to further increase its performance and offer outrageous rendering time and quality.
Click here to reserve your seat for this in depth presentation.

V-Ray Suite
Heilbronn Room, 4th-7th May, 10 am -7 pm
Exclusive sessions on V-Ray GPUs rendering solution
Something extraordinary in the rendering technology is taking its final steps before changing entirely the production processes, provoke the 3D artists’ imagination and unconditionally transform the industry. The V-Ray GPUs rendering solution will take the stage in 2010 to possess high efficiency, ultimate speed and rendering quality.

F_BOX picture shooter sessions
Built on the V-Ray RT powerful base, Mackevision´s web-based rendering application, F_BOX picture shooter will be presented by our partners from Mackevision. Pushed to unseen opportunities combining high performance, unprecedented quality and ease of use, the Picture Shooter becomes a web rendering choice for a number of artists and 3D professionals.

The V-Ray GPUs solution and the F_BOX picture shooter will be presented during the FMX 2010 upon pre- arranged personal meetings with the Chaos Group and Mackevision teams.

To arrange a meeting for V-Ray GPUs presentation, please contact us at: marketing@chaosgroup.com to the attention of Maria Padalski.

To arrange a meeting for F_BOX picture shooter presentation, please contact us at:
marketing@mackevision.de to the attention of Vicky Bruemmel.

F_BOX picture shooter: Cost and time effective web based rendering solution
Heilbronn Room, 6th of May, 10.30 am -11.30 am
V-Ray RT and F_BOX picture shooter integration brought to live a complete web based rendering solution. The F_BOX picture shooter tool enables the professional user, aided by a browser-based application, to compile and configure a still image. In the process, various picture elements can be changed. This intuitive, multi-user system offers a sophisticated user management interface, and very high picture quality. Join us for a presentation by Armin Pohl, CEO Mackevision and Peter Mitev, CEO Chaos Group.
Click here to reserve your seat for the F_BOX picture shooter presentation.

V-Ray Educational Program
Heilbronn Room, 4th of May, 11 am -1 pm
The V-Ray Educational Session during this year’s FMX is aimed at educators and lecturers looking for new, innovative ways to set their students apart. The V-Ray Educational Program will enable teachers and students to dive into the latest developments in the rendering technology to become a part of the V-Ray community.
Click here to reserve your seat for the V-Ray Educational Session.

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L´inq Chaos Group FMX 2010

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